Tuesday, 24 March 2009


We are more and more turning to the NBR for up to the minute biz news and commentary. Today is this very funny insight from Allan Swann into how Fonterra's communications czars handled the half year result.

NBR has the story her

Here's an excerpt

6) Sit through a relatively easy press conference, reading almost word for word from said press release.

7) Make up absurd reasons why the 'results' were late and provided incomplete, during phone conference question time.

Blame either:
a) An earlier boardroom meeting that ran over time

b) That some journalists' email accounts can't accept email attachments.

8) After complaints from journalists, provide balance sheet data – by email in an attachment – at 12.53PM – nearly two hours past deadline.

9) Wonder why your company engenders suspicion from shareholders, the fourth estate and the general public.


Anonymous said...

Fonterra is a cooperative business. It is owned by the people who grow the grass that feeds the cows that produces the milk that goes in the powder that goes on the ships that makes the money that keeps New Zealand economically something a bit more than a banana republic.

Tired old yesterday's men discredited PR hacks shouldn't be paid extortionate sums to endeavour to pull the wool over the eyes of gullible media. Dairy cockies aren't stupid. Fonterra's leaders mess with them at their peril.

Observer said...

Can you fix the link please - pretty please ?

bustedblonde said...

fixed - sorry bout that!