Friday, 27 March 2009


Well we have been watching the growing tide of angst over Paul Henry's comments about the abundant flora on the face of Greenpeace campaigner Stephanie Mills face the other morning.

She sports one of those 70's porn star upper lip adornments. -A moustache. One to be proud of if you are a bloke or a feminazi but not something you would wish to impose on people gobbing their cocopops in the morning .

We love Paul Henry - he is totally irreverent. He is all we would want to be in a broadcaster and he still finds time to take the piss out of himself.

And for the record we suffer from poly cystic ovaries and have a moustache and some nasty undergrowth on our chin that needs daily tending to.
( weird thing is the stuff down below is thinning out - a serious design fault we reckon)
So we wax, pluck, and fry it off all the time.

So go for it Paul keep us laughing at ourselves , take the piss and then take it some more.


Bryan Spondre said...

70's porn star adornment - isn't that a hairy back ? ala Ron Jeremy or AIDS ala John Holmes ? Porn has never been the same since it moved from film to video tape.

"Motella" said...

Exposing the "the elephant in the room" was extremely funny and refreshing from the state broadcaster.

TVNZ execs must be preparing themselves to tut tut and hand wring publicly but must be secretly exhilarated with a new found freedom.

Observer said...

If the monica fits - accept it. This woman must, surely, have know what she was sporting and been happy to be the subject of fun. If I'm wrong, then she needs a best friend!!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Paul Henry and serious journalism.... I refer to the blog below: "All of you who might still regard the media as a special thing, the fourth estate of government with a singular privilege and a commensurate responsibility, you go forward now, and do something about it."

He's an A Grade Plonker

bustedblonde said...

ah but he is our plonker, our very ascerbic, off the wall mad plonker and we need more plonkers

morning mum said...

Surely we should applaud a man that makes us laugh despite ourselves over our early morning rush to get out the door for work!!! He is just far to funny to be tut tuted!

Anonymous said...

BB & Morning Mum. I used to work with Mr Henry. He can dish it, but he can't take it. Can't respect that.

LAMBCUT said...

Anonymous, I wrote the media as a “special thing” comment not BB. Having said that, I am with the Prodigiously Prowed One on this issue. Henry is a funny guy, and a welcome bit of light relief in the mornings. It's the weekend now; go get a laugh, a shag or a life, on any basis you can, but, Lambcut suggests you prioritise your attempts in ascending order.

Cactus Kate said...

And thank the Lord you do give the face a good wax BB. I would spit out those Southern Glory oysters you are sourcing for me if you didn't.

Can't say I've ever noticed the problem on you, which says to me that it is under control.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cut of Lamb It is part way through the weekend. Which started off splendidly with flounders and eggs at the Green Parrot last night and more laughs than BB could shake a bucket of mutton birds, a haystack of whitebite and a bottle of Dogwater at (that's what she calls it when you get the third one at lunch....) You got me on the shag bit though (mumble, grumble, grumble)

You think Henry's funny. I've got no problem with that. Fill ya boots cobber. But, he can't take what he dishes out. I can't respect that. It's called shallow and gutless.