Sunday, 29 March 2009


We think it may only be a matter of time before the Sunday News disappears off the newstands.

We were wondering if we were going slightly barmy this morning, menopause does that to you periodically, as we immersed ourselves in the Sunday papers - normally we get all three , The Sunday News, Sunday Star Times and the Herald on Sunday but the HOS was not available in Masterton this morning.

Anyway page A6 and A7 had stories and pictures of Kirsten Dunne Powell written by Jonathan Marshall - It was on Page 3 of the Sunday News with his byline. On A6 was a story from Catherine Woulfe on Tattoos - it appeared with the same picture and byline on page 6 of the News .

Then Leigh Vand Der Stoep did a yarn on Serial Slayers on A7 and again, with her byline it appeared in the Sunday News on page 13.

This may have been happening for a while but its the first time we have noticed it and it does not bode well for competition and a better deal for readers - It also means you pay twice for the same news.

So why have two newspapers? We think that the Sunday News days are numbered....



The same story appearing twice is a bit dodgy.
Fair enough if the angle or content was different.

Anyway, considering your recent comments on Daniel Craig, I bet you enjoyed seeing Sonny Bill Williams on the front cover :)

alastair said...

I think I read somewhere that their is only one editor of both papers now.

The Sunday News is in my mind a great brand in its own right. It would be a shame to see it swallowed up by the SST - also good - but quite different.


Indeed, Alastair, you might as well have a supercitry comprising of Auckland and Invercargill!
With the bits inbetween coming under a different council.