Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Now this is the type of story we want to see more of. Proactive councils untangling red tape all in the name of creating an environment for businesses to expand. It is this type of central and local government action that will really grow the economy. The Waikato Times says that The three councils involved in the Coromandel are looking at the ways they can facilitiate the growth of Aquaculture in their areas.

Councils up and down the country should be looking to replicate what is happening in the Coromandel. Aqauculture is a seriously under deveoped industry and both central and local governments should do all they can to promote its rapid growth.

  • The Coromandel Peninsula mussel industry employs 400 people.
  • Existing mussel farms have waited for 13 years to expand.
  • Cutting red tape could allow it to expand to employ another 600 people by 2014.
  • Mussel production could rise from 22,000 tonnes to 60,000 making the industry worth up to $122million.

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Anonymous said...

The Chini whanau likes a good feed of mussels. Which reminds me that I am long overdue from a decent lunch of these wee darlings at Leuven Bar. Mussels, fries, mayo and Stella. Hmmmm.