Friday, 20 March 2009


Here is a very good analysis of some of the core issues facing Ngai Tahu.

We also want to know what is the time cycle for runanga elections. Can someone tell us what it is ?
what we want to know is how often runanga reps at the Table are up for re-election.

The Events That Led to a Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu


Beneficiary said...

Ngai Tahu Whanau
I was astonished at comments from the Kaiwhakahaere at Kaikoura and Rehua yesterday when he proceeded to appoint blame behind the banks sudden cold feet on recent media commentary. I am sure the bank finds what Mark solomon is paid amusing, but if anything they would be rubbing there hands and licking there lips in the hope that we did spend 52mil on the house of Tahu i am sure the interest on the loan would be very welcomed.

So statements that the banks are pulling back because of media attention is got some real serious flaws. I think Solomon needs to look in the mirror because i am sure if i was the bank the fact that Mark constructively removed the chair of NTHC and has been instrumental in commissioning a report that could potentially expose the tribe to all sorts of constructive dismissal and personal grievance issues has probably got more to do with the banks decision to rethink the 200mil facility.

If the bank does walk out on the facility based on the detail in Sunny toes account and decisions made by Solomon he needs to look in the Mirror. And unfortunately we will all pay the price.

legal begal said...

Gray report
I have recently seen extracts of the Gray report, and I was appalled, I would agree with beneficiary if I was andrew harrison reading the NZ herald would of firstly shocked and secondly prompted a call to the lawyer as this is an air tight constructive dismissal case if I had ever seen one.

How does Solomon get away with this "sh-t".

Heres some more relevant questions, if anyone out there has the answers could you enlighten us all?

When was this report commissioned?
Has NTHC seen a copy of this Report?
When did the Tront table receive this report or was it privy to only the few?
How many other secret reports have been written?

What a circus and Solomon your the ring leader!!!!!!!