Monday, 30 March 2009


Yip - its official Wanganui is now officially Whanganui - funny thing is if you hear the Whanganui people pronounce it - it sounds like hanganui with the W silent. The decision certainly follows previous precidents set by the Geographical Board.

Laws is very crappy about it - Interestingly I think that they could have some serious whun taking the piss out of the issue. It could be a good marketing hook.

Come have whun in Whanganui.

Whar - out - Maori 1- Pakeha 0. Don't get that very often.


Bryan Spondre said...

All a storm in whucking teapot perhaps ?

Dave said...

bugger. I was gong to say something like that...whancy that. Actually, to be whair, Whanganui is a whucking whantastic name whor sure.

pleasant pheasant phucker said...

whair dues whellas, whantasy is fere you whuck a duck so you wheel whantastic.

Bye the way, how should we be pronouncing who, what where, why and when now - foo, fot, fere fye and fen?


I am delighted that Ken Mair isn pushing the message about proper spelling.
I expect Maori to win the spelling bees from now on.

peterquixote said...

For what its worth people can see who is on the NZ Geographical Names board at "Tumeke"
Golly gosh look at the racial bias,

copy and paste to Google

LAMBCUT said...

Fot miserable sod pressed the one star button? Lambcut thinks this is a good good and whunny post.

LAMBCUT said...

The second good was a typo.

Observer said...

I thought it was indiginous for very good!