Wednesday, 25 March 2009


According to Trans Tasman -

For Immediate Release

Clark Gets UN Job

The Trans-Tasman Political Letter reports Helen Clark, NZ's Prime Minister
from 1999 to 2008, is to be named as head of the United Nations Development

This is the highest international post held by a NZer since a former Prime
Minister Mike Moore held the post of Director-General of the World Trade

Highly placed sources have told Trans-Tasman the UN Secretary-General Ban
Ky-Moon is confirming the appointment within the next few hours.

The NZ Govt strongly supported Clark's nomination for the job, and John Key
lobbied other leaders as well as insisting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Trade did everything within its means to carry the message of support in
its chain of diplomatic missions abroad.

Earlier, Clark gained a place on the shortlist of three but then major
donors to the UNDP threw their support behind her.

Clark's credentials include not only her experience as Prime Minister but
her leadership on many international issues and the recognition of her role
in the evolution of NZ's anti-nuclear policy.

It is expected she will take up the post later this year. Her departure will
signal the need for a by-election in the Mt Albert electorate which she has
held since 1981.


Alan said...

Good riddance to the corrupt bitch.

Monty said...

NZs Gain is the UN loss. Labour will struggle to survive without the person who built the Labour Party in her own image