Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Mum has been a bloody good golfer in her day and she still hits a nice ball at 68. Her knees and back have more metal in them that a set of good kitchen pots so she has a golf cart to get around. The Nancy McCormick foursomes tournament is played in regions around the country and separates the girls from the blouses as it is played over 36 holes in one day.
Today mum and and her partner won their local Nancy McCormick tourny with a net 140 for the two rounds. Well bloody done we say. We are very proud.


Megan said...

Well done - that is fantastic work.

I think it's important to say when we're proud of our family members - especially our Mums.

LAMBCUT said...

Hear hear. Onya Mum.

mojo said...

Indeed, 'mum's the word.' So you must be a 'spring chicken,' so to speak, BB?

Inventory2 said...

Well done Mum - I shall try an emulate your feat when I finally manage to get out for midweek golf this afternoon

pdm said...

Bet you cannot beat mum INV2 - she is genetically modified. BB has admitted this in saying:

`Her knees and back have more metal in them than a set of god kitchen pots'.

No chance son, no chance at all.