Monday, 9 March 2009


Now while our new contributor Lamb Cut has been having a bit of a fun with the Wall Street Journal for having a bit of fun over NZ trying to tame the arse breath of our livestock, it appears that John Key has charmed the August journal.

Here's a sample

Mr. Key's coalition government, which includes parties to the right and left of the Nationals, has moved fast to implement a program of tax cuts, regulatory reform and government retooling. He won't label it supply-side economics and smiles when I ask if he's a Milton Friedman or Friedrich Hayek acolyte. "I'm not deeply ideologically driven," he says. "I believe in good center right politics."

Yip we confess we were a bit worried about Key and what he was doing and the speed of prgress on the economic front ( privately and sometimes publicly ) but that was more to do with the lack of a narrative than a lack of trust. Now we get it.

And now we are starting to see it - the unwinding the malodorous barriers to doing business, untangling the red tape ( we will be posting on that soon) but not loading up the nation with too much debt.

So now the Wall Street Journal has cottoned on to what the boy down south is doing and it approves. High praise indeed.



As I have blogged over at Barnsley Bill, we should do more to promote John key's ability with the economy.
He has direct experience of the finance sector, which is of more value than being a tv journalist, chinese diplomat and especially a community organiser!
Now, if the Herald or whover aren't running the piece as a comment, John Key should get that talented Paula Oliver to whip up something similar for local distribution.
It is essential the government gets the message out that you cannot spend your way out of a recession.

euminedes said...

Yes my point exactly around the narrative. We need to see more of this here in our media. Y

Anonymous said...

The comments on the piece are also excellent.

Maybe NZ could become a haven for disillusioned wealth creating Americans (we would have to lower out taxes further though as their top 36% rate doesn't cut in til 250K)

Sally said...

Sorry folks after reading Cactus Kates blog this morning, the doubts I had, still remain.

Lucy said...

Have to admit I was wary at first but..... I am coming around. Given the worlds financial/economic disasters we could do one hell of a lot worst than John Key. I believe that he will help NZ through better than any other leader I can think of in the wetsren world today.