Thursday, 12 March 2009


A well known Italian Restaurant we frequent often, is owned by a lovely bloke who has had a bit of tooth trouble. His dentist refers him on to another tooth specialist for some special work. He rings the specialist who gives him the address for his appointment.

Our favourite food maestro gets to the inner city Wellington building in question at 10am in the morning bracing himself for an expensive treatment. He knocks on the door. It is opened by a woman wrapped only in a dressing gown.

"Sorry" she says "we are fully booked for the day"

The door closes. He stands in the corridor for a few minutes checking the address - it matches the number on the door so he rings the specialist, who horrified realises that he has given his new customer the wrong address . Instead he directed our man to some lovely ladies who offer executives an inner city haven that specialises in offering relief from the stresses and strains of Wellington corporate life.

Our favourite food maestro Harbours no ill will.

You may remember we took some delight ribbing Christchurch about its lunch time corporate relief service a few weeks back and now we are overjoyed to find out that when public servants find all this slashing and burning a bit much , they can get some mid city relaxation at the hands of some fair maidens.

That will make our job a lot easier.

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