Monday, 23 March 2009


We don't get this - Tamihere has been annointed by the Maori Party. We have already blogged on it - we reckon its the first time the Maori Party has seriously wrong footed on an issue.
This morning Tamihere says he was sidelined by Labour and he is getting " much more " under National - We ask why? Nothing has changed. The guy is a dork.

Labour didn't want him so why would he suddenly be annointed by the Nats and the Maori Party. We remain dumbfounded.


Marty Mars said...

I'm with you BB this guy is just off - I remember his "frontbum" degrading comments about women and I just don't rate him, or Shane Jones for that matter.

Surprisingly (for me) I still sort of like Tau Henare.

pdm said...

I would sooner see Tamihere than Willie Jackson on the taskforce - whatever its purpose.

Anonymous said...

If Labour didn't like him then that should give you the answer.