Thursday, 12 March 2009


How much money does my union have in the bank, in shares, in assets?

Now this morning unions are bleating about the 9 day week subsidy and saying that employers should top it up. Duh. the reason the govt is putting up some money is because of the cash strapped position that employers are facing.

So here is a question for the PSA, Fire Fighters union,Amalgamated Workers Union , Service Workers Union, Finsec, EPMU to name but a few - just what do you have in union funds , and in assets including holiday homes in places like Queenstown, office blocks in Wellington and Christchurch and Auckland.

You see when the de-unionisation of the country took place in the late 80's and 90's some of the unions got real smart and invested widely to insure they always had heaps of dosh.

So if there is a story out there waiting to be told it is just is the worth of the unions and why aren't they stumping up in these trying times.

And if they are really into collective socialist responsibility then maybe unions could pool their resources and share out some of their lucre.


Lou Taylor said...

That is a great question but sadly one that will never be answered.


Hasn't Whale Oil done some investigations.
Or wasn't that the Liarbour Party.
Properties everywhere.

euminedes said...

yes he did FM - will prod him to give it another whirl

Anonymous said...

Yep, it would be great if Unions had to release a financial report, like companies do. I'd like them to say, 9 day fortnight has our support as we suspend our union fees to put more money back in workers pockets, as a sign of fairness.