Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Labour is in retreat and on the back foot literally after TVNZ showed them no favours by turning a story about the party getting back to its roots - into a yarn about a $50,000 taxpayer junket where Labour gets pissed on the coast.

Now there is a very famous club on the Coast called the Good Bastards and we reckon we would bet all the whitebait in the world that there is no way these pinko dorks are gonna get on the list.

So, even after they have sucked the coffers dry they still think they have the right to bleed the country in an effort to reconnect with the heartland.
Definitely not Good Bastards - just Arrogant Bastards



The Good Bastards people also produce a beer.
I had some of their dark beer at the Auckland food show and it was pretty good.

Now, what surprised me was the PR folly behind this story.
There was Liarbour in a blatant PR exerciuse and no-one did their homework in looking for potential pitfalls.
They should have realised that if this reconnection was a junket , and a taxpayer funded junket at that, their stunt would backfire.
I thought their Clare Curren MP was in PR. Surely she could have advised them of this.

Observer said...

Just a bit of a question here. How come We The People (WTP) paid for this? If it is a Labour Party meeting, surely the Labour Party should pay for it.
Yeah, I know they get free air travel because once upon a time the government owned the airline and now it still owns most of the airline (I own a bit too and an NOT happy about the rates they pay!). But surely everything else (booze, food, booze accommodation, booze, meeting facilities, booze, taxis, booze etc., should not have been charged to WTP. This lot got enough over the last 10 years to support a few hundred families for life, enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get the irony of the TVNZ report? No, well when was the last time TVNZ Pinko's gave Liarbor a thrashing in the news?
I thought so, you just can't remember it was so long ago. Amazing what the threat of some job and budget cuts do for loyalty eh.