Thursday, 19 March 2009


So Solomon earns $155,000 a year give or take and allegedly he has taken a bit of an increase.
So whats his diary look like?

Like this. Lotsa hui -ing not lotsa doee - ing
INF - Kaiwhakahaere Report - Mar 0911


Anonymous said...

This is so funny, that Mark & his little friend thought that by letting these diary entries out into the view of the whanui he would show to all how incredibly HARD he works for his money................... Now I completely understand the definition given in the dictionary for "gravy train" as used by another blogger, for it is plain to see that our kaiwhakahaere has a seat on that train!!!

kinaluva said...

So well put by my fellow blogger above! Oh to attend hui everyday & throw rugby balls to kids who win competitions & be paid so hansomly for it.

I also note that there was a blank section next to the feb 8th "kaikoura runanga meeting", isnt he the rep from Kaikoura.......... yet he cant even make their monthly meeting? Interesting................

Tika said...

I agree, what a joke when the people he serves are working most of the hours of the day just to survive. Is there no clue in the top ranks of Ngai Tahu as to the poverty many of our whanau are facing? Feeding, clothing, educating & providing a warm home are things that are becoming harder & harder in these difficult times.

Reality check Mark & Anake, most would work twice as hard for the opportunity to earn that much putea for their whanau!

Evelyn Cook said...


Two Ngā Rauru board meetings in a fortnight appear on his calendar as part of his Ngāi Tahu duties? Is he being paid by Ngā Rauru? Is there any potential conflict of interest between his involvement with both boards?

If the Kaiwhakahaere has events in his diary that involves him being at meetings where meeting fees are paid, does he receive payment from that organisation too or is it remitted to Ngāi Tahu?

Does the Kaiwhakahaere get days off in lieu for attending Te Rūnanga meetings? Surely that is part of what he receives his $155,000 plus for.

Lastly, why is the Kaiwhakahaere shown as attending Waitangi Day at Waitangi when Ngāi Tahu had their own events that day? As our Kaiwhakahaere and given that he is the fulltime political leader of Ngāi Tahu, it would seem to me that his place should have been amongst us, either at Awarua or Okains Bay.

What exactly are we paying him for. He doesn't facilitate the Te Rūnanga meetings, he goes to a lot of other people's meetings and has one or two meetings a day. I know reps who have busier calendars than that on $30,000 and a lot of people think that they are overpaid!!

Honey said...

I was one of the people at the Kaikoura Runanga Meeting, and I was disgusted in the Mark Solomon supporters,as they rolled in and sat there clapping for a man who was clearly using them all as they touted his great leadership over the year. When the Hui finished we sat down for a lovely kai and we were back to the Ahi Kaa and our Manuhiri from afar, the rest of these so called Ngai Tahu did what they normally do leave, which suited us actually.
I wonder if they will follow him around when he is finally TAKEN OUT!!.
One person commented on the Wally Stone dumping as appaulling and what was the real reason for his sacking. I agree that all of the people from Tront should have to answer to Ngai Tahu Whanui as to why they got rid of a person who cleaned Ngai Tahu up after the mess from the last regime, and made the tribe millions of dollars in the 2 years he was at the helm, and then to be rewarded by being dumped by underhanded incompetant tront reps who some how think we Ngai Tahu Whanui can trust them with our assets! I don't think so.
The sooner the tront table is rid of all the rats the better, and lets hope they start with KING RAT!!(Mark)

Anonymous said...

BB Seems to me your scrapping the bottom of the barrel. This information is available in the minutes of every Tront meeting - has been available for months. Same applys to Mark's deputy Donald Couch. It seems from the those making the comments nobody appears to read the minutes

Lucy said...

The words rip off come to mind

honeyB said...

I read with interest that you comment on BB "scraping the bottom of the barrel". However, is does not seem that this is so, although maybe the bottom of the barrel was scraped to come up with some supporters for Mark @ the meetings????

Anonymous said...

In terms of being the Representative of Kaikoura, he fulfills his duties. He reports back every month (his report usually takes up to 30 minutes). He always has something for us to read. And as we would expect he attends meeting on behalf of Kaikoura and also on behalf of the whole tribe.

If you knew his family and the sacrifices he has made for the tribe maybe you would think otherwise. I do disagree with his behaviour between him and his cousin which unforutnately got played out at a runanga level. They were both as wrong as each other.

Tika said...

You say above that te "cousins" are both as wrong as each other, what is is that Thomas has done wrong? When did he behave badly? When did he behave in any way like Mark at the runanga meeting? As someone on the outside looking in I certainly did not see any evidence of this behaviour you are talking about. Also in the meeting in Kaikoura there was an offer to all whom wanted to see the transcpipts of the emails in question to the excecutive members, I ask you again when was there any language written to any member of the exceutive (and yes even Mark) by the former chair that was in any way not professional or acceptable.
Seeing these myself was a real eye opener to me, especially after seeing Mark's behaviour towards his cousin across the room in the meeting, I have to wonder about the decisions made on that day. Surely a man whom can remain as professional & objective in the face of such abuse would be an asset?

So please anonymous, if you have any proof of your statement let it be known............ for as I have explained to us as the people looking in there is a different truth to be seen.