Tuesday, 3 March 2009


We are not surprised, but John Key is shaping up to be New Zealands most popular Prime Minister in history.
This from TV3

At 60 percent in tonight's poll, National's rating is the highest ever recorded by 3News.

So we asked voters what they thought of Key and National's performance over the first three months in Government.

64 percent say it has been strong or very strong.

Just 4 percent say has been weak.

In the crucial leadership traits, 85 percent consider Key a capable leader - that has rocketed up.

75 percent say he would be good in a crisis, up significantly.

And 77 percent back his judgement.

And then there was Laila Harres comments on RNZ yesterday as canvassed by KiwiBlog

So even those on the hard left see the strength of John Key.

So heres the deal.

What do you think will be the National Party's next TV3 poll rating.

There will be 2 doz Bluff oysters for the person who gets it right.

Leave your guesses in the comments section. Or email at bustedblonde@gmail.com



Now the press has noted Mr invisible is invisible, I would say 63%.

Will the Greens have a new leader by then?

Anonymous said...

Now this is a question I don't mind answering. 65%, although I'd be happy with a 50% rating if he cancelled the deposit guarantee scheme for all the shitty little property developer, related party lending finance companies.


Whetu Chini said...

As these sorts of contests are like lawn bowls, I will go for broke and cover one end, as it were.

Prediction: 70%.

Sally said...

I will go for 58%

With those ratings, National has a golden opportunity to right the wrongs of the last administration.

Cactus Kate said...


Donate my winnings to Spaz because he's a good c**t.

kehua said...

Things might get a little sticky from now on, I`m picking a wee drop to 57%.

Neil said...

I'm going to go with 56%...