Thursday, 5 March 2009


The Christchurch Press has a story here with comments from Richard Parata. We spoke to Richard yesterday. We agree on a few things and disagree on others but we are diametrically opposed when it comes to an assessment of Solomons leadership. We have not seen any evidence of diplomacy. And he cannot be called a consensus leader - otherwise the " Table" would be unified. No instead we have had many troubled years and he has not be able to bring everyone together. That is the reason he must go.
Then there is the issue of perception. To outsiders it appears that his leadership is wanting, that his judgement is wanting. People have been brave and worried enough to speak out. So at a time when Ngai Tahu is respected on the commercial front they are being viewed askance on the social front.

It is with interest that we note that the Press headline reads "Strong Support" for Solomon - That means that the paper is reporting the views of Parata but they do not share them.

Otherwise the quote marks would have been removed.

Good leaders need strong support. It is evident that Solomon does not have strong support so as we have said before, for the sake of the tribe he must step down.

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