Monday, 2 March 2009


So which high profile Ngai Tahu citizen has been paid about $100k a year - just for - well being him?

And just who is on the Ngai Tahu contractors register? Should the whanui know?

If Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu have made savings - where have those savings come from ?

And just who has the honesty, integrity and the fortitude to take over from Mark Solomon as Kaiwhakahaere?

Will it take an independent review of governance issues before the people trust the " Table?"


Anonymous said...

Don't tease. Please tell us. And
Q. Who was the journalist from the south who made public in the 90's Tipene O'Regan's pay package from Ngai Tahu?
Q. Who was the journalist from the south who was the recipient of a Te Ohu Kai Moana Journalisim award when Tipene O'Regan was Chair of the Maori Fisheries Commision.
Q. Who thinks Tipene O'Regan is the anointed one?

bustedblonde said...

Hell someone remembers the history of the past. I heard that they should have won the prize the year earlier but someone on the TOKM board wasn't happy about that decision.

Looks like that journalist didn't care who they pissed off and maybe, just maybe they still dont.