Thursday, 5 March 2009


Rob Hosking of NBR has written an article that we think should be reprinted everywhere. He has done a Question and Answer of why ACC is a cluster fuck, who is to blame and what needs to be done.

Give that man a beer.

We would just add that we think New Zealanders need to harden up and stop being sooks and running off to the Doctors for every twinge and niggle and getting ACC to pay for it. And as for physios - don't start us.
They are Snake Oil merchants at worst Feel Goods at best.

Also what has been the cost of ACC's social marketing campaigns and what measurable difference have they made to the cost of the scheme?
Things like the falls campaign - did it reduce incidence and did it reduce cost?

The ever wise and well placed MACDOCTOR has another great ACC post which echoes our sentiments - he has the figures.

Read it here

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Anonymous said...

Good on Rob Hosking and thanks for the post on Ruth Richardson and the Jade Group's result - excellent to see you championing private sector success