Saturday, 7 March 2009


We have succumbed to the Domestic goddess within and indulged in a pickle making day. So we have just got round to reading the news, the inky fingers version and the online sea of information.
We, like just about all the Right bloggers are aghast at the possibility that Michael Cullen could end up running one of our SOE's. If the government is worried about a limited talent pool then please give us a buzz - we can give you some good names.

We also don't get the political fixation about performances in the House - one of the the reasons that Vernon Small seems to think is behind the idea is that the government is keen to see Cullen go from parliament because the arrogant little tosser uses his extensive house knowledge to embarrass them .

Who bloody cares? The latest Roy Morgan poll clearly shows that its the governments performance outside the house that everyone is enjoying and using to benchmark the governments performance.

So forget about Cullen. He will be gone soon. To give him a SOE chairmanship is to elevate him above his status and his ability. Remember it is financial lack of skill that has us where we are today. And we need better and wiser heads that his to run our SOE's.

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good post, here is my view

Bloody disgrace and I do not normally use strong language, Hmm