Friday, 6 March 2009


We were hanging out to get to the Wairarapa this weekend. We didn't get our country fix last weekend so we were toe tapping waiting for the Train today.

Now we leave the 15 year old metallic green Falcon station wagon at the Masterton train station car park right under the security cameras between weekend visits. Now you would think that with security cameras at many vantage points it would be pretty safe.
It wasn't - it, along with a couple of other cars, was broken into about 4 weeks ago. The thieves broke the back rear passenger window - and the guys at the Train station in Masterton kindly duct taped it shut when they found it.

Anyway, I skip off the train about 3pm today and look around - alas no Falcon - yip some nasty little spotty shit(s) stole it this time - duct tape and all. ( mark my words car thieves are always spotty little shits).

The Train boys were very helpful, giving me the name of the guy who runs the security cameras and the number for the local police station.
The culprits stole it on February 25th - they were on the tape. It seems no one looks at the tapes unless someone asks. Anyway we had to co-ordinate the security bloke and the police. Sort of self help crime fighting. Will be interesting what happens next. We will report.

Now the car is old but one that is held in great affection. It smells a bit but has been very very well looked after. (Our bloke - the Aussie Rock is like that) - its sort of a sea sick green colour and if you are in the Wairarapa you wont miss it because its the one with duct tape on the back seat passenger window.
and the rego is OZ 623. We ended up getting a taxi driver to take us to the block today and he says that Masterton is pretty unsavoury sometimes and there is a bad element in the town. That's bloody sad and I suspect its no different than many towns these days.

Masterton is full this weekend for - the Masterton Golden Shears competition.

The last weekend we were here the National Pipe Band Champs were on.

So its all go in Masterton.

There will be a reward either cash or Bluff oysters if its found in going order.

Anyway, we can report that the mushrooms are plentiful and the bloody zucchini have grown so big that if you scooped them out you could paddle them down the river.


Oswald Bastable said...

I have released the hounds and will keep an eye out when I'm in town over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're not talking about magic mushrooms BB!