Monday, 2 March 2009


While all eyes here have been on the recent economic summit in NZ, another arguably more important summit has been held on the other side of the world. The heads of government from the EU's 27 member countries met but instead of the focus being on the points of agreement it was a summit that gave clarity to the growing divide between rich and poor and probably east and west. The UK guardian calls it the European Faultline.

This is what the Guardian says the summit exposed.

  • Protectionism versus free-traders: French-led campaign to save French and European industries and jobs opposed by Britain, Germany, central Europe, and the European commission.
  • East versus west: fears of financial collapse in parts of central Europe could trigger bigger banks meltdown in Austria, Italy or Sweden.
  • Euro currency countries versus the rest: non-single currency countries worried that crisis rescue policies are being skewed towards helping the eurozone.

At a time when the politicians of the EU nations should be working together, they are instead protecting their own countries which some commentators fear could lead to the breakdown of the union.

It is a good thing that John Key is talking to Kevin Rudd. We need to draw strength from our nearest nation and while the EU may break apart our future may well rest with solidarity with our closest neighbour.

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