Thursday, 5 March 2009


We appreciate the fine examples of the dark arts. Or Black Ops as they are known in PR circles. Its the behind the scenes discrediting, or the dirty tricks campaigns that are legend.

Remembers Labours little foray that fell over courtesy of Mike Williams

So cast your mind back to this story .
We thought the story was interesting but we were guarded - it looked like a story that warranted much more digging.

We thought the timing was pretty interesting for a start - on the eve of the Job Summit.

But it was much more interesting when we found out today that these two guys share the same name.

So Darren take a bow .. you are now a qualified member of the dark arts - it appears you learned the craft well from your former party president...

And as a for Davey, well we reckon you shot yourself in the foot this time.


homepaddock said...

Is the sharing the same name a coincidence or are they related?

Anonymous said...

I saw a titbit somewhere that made me think it was awfully convienient that this arose when it did.
Incidently the hero of the story appered on Bordder Patrol on Monday night causing amyhem with a pile of interesting souveniers.

euminedes said...

Related we understand Davey is Darrins Oncle, as we maori say.

euminedes said...

yes Alex - we thought he was sexy until we found out he was a pinko.

homepaddock said...

Trans Tasman says Davey is Darren's uncle.

Anonymous said...

Two blowarses in one family reminds me of the Tizards.

dad4justice said...

That pinko faggot freak , son of Klark ginga who is always smiling on camera, what a ####. He is a f##king disgrace to the gingerhood. Weak gutted infected parasites give me the runs.