Monday 2 February 2009


Bob from Bluff was seated with Ian Templeton, and Barry Soper at the back of the Beehive theatrette today, waiting for John Key to arrive for the post-cabinet press conference. All Southlanders. All best described as being of a mature age.

They were chatting about this, that and the other, and recalling that Jack Grimaldi was editor of the Southland Times when Soper began his journalism, and so on.

Obviously they were speaking loudly (to overcome any hard-of-hearing handicaps any of them might suffer). A bright young spark a few rows in front proclaimed to the rest of the press gallery: "It's like Last of the Summer Wine back there."

We reckon they are right -above is a pic of the stars of the show and bugger me they do bear a striking resemblance to the wise old scribes.
Norman Clegg - Barry Soper
Foggy - Ian Templeton
and Bob ( Compo ) Edlin.

Just curious though - does that make Heather Du Plessis- Allan ( Sopers youthful Squeeze) Nora Batty?

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