Wednesday 18 February 2009


Barry Matthews head of Corrections is on his way out. Yay. Can we have some probes into some of the contract arrangements for building prisons as well please. Judith "Crusher" Collins is the star of the Cabinet so far.

And the bloody scary and onerous and fuckwitted EFA is all but gone.
Well done John Boscowen and there also needs to be some plaudits for KiwiBlog and Whaleoil who never let up the pressure on this issue.

And Paula Bennett stomped all over the Ministry of Social Development
by condemning a letter from a case manager to a beneficiary suggesting the person sell toys and phones to get some cash.

And the Sun is shining and we are scheduled to have lunch at the delightful Bella Italia on the Terrace.

And just to keep you thinking - who's office is known as the G Unit ?


Anonymous said...

Yes , its all great news. Only one thing I do agree with the letter to the beneficiary. Getting a loan is utterly dumb - but i dont see why the taxpayer should be paying for mobile phones nor supporting playstations.
Food and medicine yes - but things like phones and costkly toys are beyond the pale I think.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the Greens voted against the Bill to overturn the dreaded EFA.

If any further evidence was needed for their political irrelevance, that would have to be it, surely.