Thursday 26 February 2009


Whale Oil often has us laughing out loud - he adds spice to some fairly meaty issues and this morning is no exception. Today his target is Kordia - the old Broadcasting Communications Ltd.
Now we have been doing a bit of delving into the performance of the SOE's, the government owned companies that often have some interesting monopolies. Some are ready for a bit of pruning.
Kordia is no exception. So its looks like some of the bloggers are going to put the heat on underperforming SOE's.
Kordias NPAT was $838k - a wee bit less that their expected $12mil and a lot less than the previous years $14mil.

Whale has made an excellent start.

Expect more to come.

Read here for the sad tale of a company delivering up a dead bird

UPDATE: NBR has just posted a story on the fact that Joyce wont be making an announcement on the broadband funding today as tipped by the Herald.
It mentions that Kordia is looking for a handout though - We suppose its expected when they are a bit short of the readies.

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