Thursday 12 February 2009


Our favourite Minister Paula Bennett was gobsmaked at the actions of the leader of the oppositions Phil Goff yesterday - Seems as if some good guys call the Super Maori Fullas , a group that spreads the word of non violence as they ride their Harleys around the country were meeting with Paula and the media. Goff got wind of it - and tried to rain all over the Paulas parade.
Heres what an eye witness view of events.

"Phil Goff bounded down the stairs, rushed past Paula who was about to go meet the Fullas. He practically ran up to them, before she as the official host even got a chance to meet them. Goff then proceeded to take a ride with one of them, came back, said goodbye and then left. Then suddenly he was back again. This time as Paula was organising her ride he jumped on one of the bikes and took off by himself. Such was the speed with which he departed, poor tourists had to scramble out of his way. "

Evidently he even went as far as standing in front of the cameras as Paula was being interviewed.

Sad bastard.

Shows how hard the Left are finding it to spin their negative messages ...
Silly boy Phil and we hope he has a motorbike licence.


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total sad bastard.
they really are struggling with being in opposition. king looks like she's judestepast going thru the motions.