Saturday 28 February 2009


We received this from a young Ngai Tahu beneficiary today. We know this young man , he is not related and he comes from a well respected Ngai Tahu family. His thoughts echo those of many of the young ones who have contacted us.

As a proud young Ngai Tahu person, I am appalled by some of the Kaiwhakahaere's actions in recent years, culminating in the ruthless ousting of Wally Stone.

In my view, the common denominator in almost all 'controversial dealings' within TRONT for the last few years has been the unprincipled and unashamed note of self-interest in the decision making process between the Kaiwhakahaere and diverse others. These people have been entrusted with the responsibility of acting in the best interest of nearly forty-thousand people, they have however concentrated on their own agenda for the most part. Whether their motives lay in political power or fiscal gain, these aspects should never be allowed to interfere with the safeguarding of Ngai Tahu assets and Taonga, nor the wellbeing of the Ngai Tahu whanui.

I was disgusted when I read the Herald today and found out about the Kaiwhakahaere/ Deputy. Kaiwhakahaere's pay raise of 35% per annum, when they are actively seeking to cut costs in their services to the beneficiaries.

As one of many Ngai Tahu people being adversely affected by the recession, I find it insulting that our governors elect are lining there own pockets while leaving the rest of us 'out in the rain', so to speak.

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