Tuesday 17 February 2009


  • If not Fisher and Paykel, ( which he says doesnt need a government bailout just yet) just what large strategically important company was John Key talking about when he raised the prospect of a government bail out?

  • Shareholders in what strategically important company are finding some banks will no longer lend against their shares?


Anonymous said...

Too easy.
1. Fonterra
2. Fonterra
3. Fonterra

homepaddock said...

1 - anyone who remembers the real costs of subsidies would say no to this.

2. Investors should always do their homework.

3. For some, this is just a message from banks to tidy up their costs and once they do that there's no problem with finance.

Anonymous said...

Milk with your coffee?

$800 million for general purposes when you were seeking $300 Million.

Beware the men in Suits with statistics on data projectors

gomango said...

What happens when fonterra mark inventory down to market price in all the stockpiles they have around south auckland?

Why wouldn't the leads own 80% the deal. Selling fee 1.75%, banks awash with liquidity via the RBNZ repo and the deposit guarantee scheme, free put option from the Govt on Fonterra credit. No brainer, surprised ANZ and BNZ didn't keep it all for their own balance sheet. fonterra at 7.75% plus fees is not a good look.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when everyone sucks off the same tit x4

Anonymous said...

Wait - Is it the same company that you said there was going to be a top secrte meeting aout this week?

They better hurry upo - its already Thursday afternoon.....