Thursday 26 February 2009


We were delighted with the Million Dollar catch programme last night. BB's son used to crew on the X-S. and BB has been on boats in most of the places that were screened last night. Vaughn Fisher is my cousin and a tough but good bastard. Johnny Hawkeless used to crew for my father. And Rewi Bull is part of one of the biggest muttonbirding families of the south and his crew Storm is the son of another one of my cousins and a hellava cool kid.

So we thought that last night New Zealand got a glimpse of just what sort of crap these men work in. Its the toughest place to fish in New Zealand apart from perhaps the Chathams.

We liked that there is actually a story emerging and there are 10 episodes to go. While Vaughn and Johnny own their quota, Rewi does not. He has a tough row to hoe to make a buck. So the programme has featured a good spread of the types of fishermen the Southern Rock Lobster Fleet is made up of.

Ayway you can watch the programme here


Anonymous said...

Have they actually bought the format for "The Deadliest Catch" from Discovery or are they just shamelessly ripping it off, do you think? Everything about the presentation seems identical: the fonts, the profiles of the skippers, the running tally of the catches etc.

Anonymous said...

im apalled at some of the response to million dollar catch,people need to realise its only the first season so its not going to be perfect people should just be happy to see a new zealand programme on tv featuring real new zealanders.

p.s the fisherman have no control over how their portrayed