Friday 27 February 2009


We have been involved , one way or another in enough talk fests to sink a Cook Strait Ferry.

So despite staying positive we did harbour a few niggling doubts about the Job summit.
However we think some really good stuff has come out of it-
Bollard and English made it clear how bad things are. The problem is 390 time the size of the NZ economy.

And there was some very cool off the wall stuff. Weirdly we like the bike track idea. Creating a Bike track from one end of the country to the other But then with ma and pa resting up in Alexandra, we have first hand knowledge of the micro economy that surround the Rail Trail bike way.

We reckon little communities along the way can replicate the Central Otago Rail Trail. And we wonder if it can be linked to any projects increasing the reach of broadband.

So we quite like that idea - despite the fact that bike seats are swallowed whole by BB's ample derriere and are never seen again, biking is a good thing.

And we have already blogged extensively on four day working weeks. So the nine day fortnight gets a tick.

But the best part of the summit is that the economic crisis is a bit of a slow moving Tsunami and we have a bit of time ( not a lot but a wee bit ,) so the Summit has been a good starting point to get our economic shit together.
Everyone needs to play their part and the public service is no exception.
We think that the best thing the bureaucray can do is unravel all the regs and rules that stifle business and everyday life and quick smart. However we had heard that work is well underway on such stuff. We will report when we know more.

And for the round up.

  • We have heard that four Labour backbenchers would have bailed from Parliament but the tight job market is holding them back.
  • Should the poultry and seafood industries be grumpy that only beef sammies were served at the Job Summit?
  • Will Dockside get a full house for the annual Bluff Oyster Lunch next week?
  • What is the exciting new fishery the Seafood industry is exploring that will have foodies in ecstacy?
  • Is there really a big problem with the Marlborough Blue Cod fishery?
  • And Twits and Tweeters (Forest and Bird) is is sealing their reputation by carrying out a weird protest next week. We hear they will get a chilly reception.


Anonymous said...

The chances of Judith Tizard getting back in to Parliament are being held up then by the credit crunch?

We love this.

Anonymous said...

I think the bike trail is a masterstroke, for what it tells all and sundry is, there is a future and we're going to build toward it. This is the sort of hopefulness that the flash harry president in US was supposed to bring his people.
Looks like we got the real deal and Americans got screwed once again.

Anonymous said...

3700 jobs for 2 years for 50 mil? about 2.50 an hour pay rate and DOC will be in charge.
Really, 10 years to get consents, permission to cross private land. Grow up guys.

50000 to each school board at 10000 a month. To be spent on deferred maintenance. No questions asked, quotes on anything over 3000 and trustees publish where the funds are spent.
No need for bureaucrat's. one direct credit to the school account. Benefit thousands of people.

Oswald Bastable said...

"We think that the best thing the bureaucray can do is unravel all the regs and rules that stifle business and everyday life and quick smart"

Too right- such as not forbidding or taxing gates sales at the winerys for bring your own goatskin/barrel tanker sales

Cactus Kate said...

Question BB - would you ever bike the length of New Zealand?

Ergh, thought not.

Terrible idea and one for the warmists. If you are going to build anything the length of NZ then let it be a 4 lane a side autobahn.

Anonymous said...

Get real Cactus, 4 lane highway, do the maths.

I would hope that fibre broadband cable is run the full length along this cycle track AND that the only delivery from that internet access is by FREE wireless every kilometer along the way.

The cost of this access could be covered by additional tourist numbers alone.