Monday 16 February 2009


We have been watching the expansion of the -DOC gets paid to back off grizzling about the Lammamoor Wind Farm by Meridian storyC -today . DOC gets paid $175k by an SOE ( government run company) and gets a hush clause in the agreement for backing off objecting to the development. And apparently its not the only time DOC got paid for its silence.

So here's the kicker - the Nelson Evening Mail reports this afternoon that Meridian is putting up power bills which will cost consumers about $10 bucks extra on their bills a month. No bloody wonder if they have to keep forking out kickback money to DOC to get projects up and running.

UPDATE : Bugger me Barnsley Bill has just alerted us to the fact that Trust power was flinging the kickbacks around as well. What it really shows is how the RMA process promotes corruption.
and UPDATING THE UPDATE - ALF Grumble has done some serious research into this issue. ( Obviously Monday must be an AFD - Alcohol Free Day. ) as his post on this issue here is big and substantive - well worth a look see.

Time for a sort out, Time for some transparency and time for some pragmatism.


Barnsley Bill said...

Time to stop pussy footing around BB. As I have mentioned in two posts about this today at no minister and at Barnsley Bill. This is corruption.
Blackmail, graft, stand over tactics, protection money.
Nothing less. Heads must roll. At DoC and Meridian. Trust power have done it too. There case is even worse in my opinion. This is a private company that has to pay a government entity to not protest..
What next?


I second BB, BB.
Whose minister's fingers are all over this tawdry, corrupt affar.
It just confirms what happened to the public service under Liarbour.
National can clean things up and rightfully point the finger at Uncle Helen and her cronies.

Any incriminating emails, letters anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Stay on this one Bb its just the tip of the iceberg,if this is the energy industry imagine the backhanders from the Dairy mob.

Barnsley Bill said...

Thanks very much my fragrant kina, hat tips are rare in the male centric lord of the flies kiwi blogzone...