Monday 9 February 2009


One of the most popular topics of conversation amongst our peers, friends and colleagues, these days is the emergence of the four day week as a job option. We work part time so we know the joys of a less work and more time to do other stuff. And we know a few CE's and top management types who are opting for less up time and more leisure time. It appears to suit two types - those with young families looking for child rich time and older comfortably off workers who want to get more out of their week and can survive on less.

We think its an idea that needs to be explored and we see that Peter Townsend from Christchurch's Chamber of Commerce is already mooting the four day week as an idea that requires more investigation at the Job Summit.


PM of NZ said...

No doubt the unionised will still require 5 full days of attendance pay.

Anonymous said...

I might like to do this but I'm the Boss and have to pay the bills as well as organize the staff etc. I still have my rent to pay so I wonder how much of my overheads the Govt. will pay.
My staff work 42.5 hours now because they want the money so I must ask them how they will manage on just 32.
This is all about getting business working and nothing I've seen nor heard from either bunch of socialists will make that happen. Cut company taxes and let us get on with what we do really well. Do business.