Monday 16 February 2009


Well if you listen to Matthew Hooton here on RNZ Nine to Noon - It appears the Climate change officials think that they know best. Seems they were a bit late getting advice to the relevant Ministers about how the changes to the Aussie ETS scheme would impact on New Zealands scheme. The Australians have put their scheme on hold. It never included primary industries and Forestry like our insanely bold scheme. We, like Matthew understood that this government wanted to align our scheme with the one across the Tasman so why, apart for some ideological reason would the climate change team downplay what was happening in Aussie? They do not run the country. They should not be allowed to run the country. They are there to give free frank and timely advice. We think a change of personnel could be useful.

UPDATE and just in case there is any doubt that the Aussies are having a rethink - heres some more from Reuters on an ETS scheme

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Anonymous said...

Emissions trading is a farce, a dangerous distraction from what really needs to be done. Its not surprise that the NZ delegation to Kyoto is headed by Tim Grosser, New Zealand's ambassador to the WTO for gods sake, what a joke, you might as well as a monkey to mind a banana.

Mobilise tens of thousands of people in old fashioned take the power baqck springbok style or nothing will happen at all.

Forget Kyoto and forget our politicians they're failed, its fucked. Governments cant fix climate change, only movements [like the climate movements in the UK and Australia] can.

Climate Justice Now!