Friday 20 February 2009


Sala Sala is an exceptional japanese restaurant in Christchurch. We went there with the Wanaka Fishermen. Lovely sashimi and all went well with a nice bottle of Church Road Pinot Gris. We had the most succulent lamb for main. We highly recommend it.

One of the new sensations in the foody scene is Southern Glory Oysters. grown in the beautiful waters of Paterson Inlet on Stewart Island. They are huge. While not yet in huge quantities the owners expect to be producing a million a year in three years time. They are pricey $5 an oyster but we think that they will become legend. We have it on good authority that Simon Gault of Euro and Nourish Group Fame is also impressed with the same company's fabulous mussels.

We were interested to see the public face of TVNZ as it scambled to cover its arse over the fact that it informed staff that the razor gang was in the green room. We led with the story with NBR second out of the gate and the Herald following soon after. Interestingly TVNZ'a own website has the story that closely resembles the info given to us by a staffer.

In a message to staff, CEO Rick Ellis says its budget reduction may involve job cuts but this will not be decided until after the executive team works with 50 senior staff to identify all options.

This will take place over the next few weeks.

Which contrasts to what NBR dragged out of them

"Over the next couple of weeks, 50 senior managers will be working with Rick and going over all the options. Leaving the staffing levels alone is a priority but we have to acknowledge that they may not be unavoidable."
And for those who hate / love the gossip...

Is Parekura sick of politics ? Is that why he is dusting off his CV?

Which SOE could be in for some carving up and selling off?

Have we heard the full story on ACC yet?

Is it true that Maryann Street and her gal pal Kathryn Street are known as the intersection?


Anonymous said...

TVNZ could no doubt save a lot of money by just doing away with the useless "live cross," where they pay some stilly blonde to stand in front of a building, any building, that somehow in some way, no matter how tenuious, fits the motif of the story being covered.

adamsmith1922 said...

waste huge amounts of money in delivering no news.

Bring back Ralston, his wine bill will be much less than the waste he cuts out

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. Let's do t-shirt.
Bring Back Bill!

Anonymous said...

How come TVNZ has 50 senior staff.

Don't they do middlemanagement or juniors?

Anonymous said...

I doubt there's 50 senior staff members, it's probably just 25 with super-sized egos.

Anonymous said...

ACC indeed - there appears to be a top-heavy management structure which needs to be trimmed - for example, wtf is this necessary:
The Business Relationship Management (BRM) team is tasked with raising awareness of ACC injury cover and educating small businesses about the products and services that ACC provides. They do this by targeting and managing relationships with people who advise and work closely with small businesses e.g. tax agents and accountants. On top of this, there are also communications targeted directly at self employed customers. The objective for these communications is to educate self-employed customers on the benefits of CoverPlus Extra (CPX) to them.

shouldn't need a whole lot of highly-paid managers, should it?

Anonymous said...

forgot to add that last year they paid 192 staff (those earning over $100K) a total of $27.2 million in remuneration. what do all these people do other than keep Thorndon New World busy?