Wednesday 11 February 2009


Simon Power is the Minister of Corrections and he was tough in his condemnation of how soft prison life had got under Labour. And it seems that as Minister he is going to continue his no frills approach to prisons. We note that he says one prison had a gym that was so good it looked like you would be happy to pay a membership to use it. We, yip its true build a gym in a prison over 18 years ago. It was a skyline garage - un lined with some very basic weight gear. No fancy X- trainers or bikes or anything else - The boys could run around the yard if they wanted to get some aerobic action. It was extremely well used and never caused any issues - it was such a privilege that no one would do anything that would see its use restricted. So we are with Simon - lord only knows what the new gym looked like but we can attest to the fact that the basics is all that is needed.

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