Friday 20 February 2009


Courtesy of the Govt, we stayed at the Copthorne Central last night. It was crap - You need to take out a mortgage to use the broadband. The bath hadn't been cleaned properly, It was hot and it was generally shabby the soap shelf was hanging off the wall. Now if it was $99 a night I wouldn't complain but it was $140 a night and $30 for a cooked breakfast which was frankly appalling. The bacon was wet, the eggs hard and the hash browns as limp as an 80 year old. To add to the misery we forgot our shampoo and conditioner and had to use that vile paint stripper they give you in in a bottle called conditioning shampoo. So now we are sitting in the ChCh Koru lounge with Phyllis Diller hair.

Oh and I pay for my Koruclub membership from my own pocket.

It's time that the government stopped using this chain and looked for better value accommodation.
Or negotiated a better price. We are a fan of motorlodges and motels. We think that the government should become a fan of them as well.



Indeed BB, the price of broadband is a rip-off $33.69.
But since it was a profitable night on NZDating last week when I stayed at a Copthoprne in Auckland and I was spared the expense of going out, I won't complain.
I piad $105 online plus $33-69 for the net.
Actually, I paid much less because I was able to use my Rates to Go member dollars I had saved up all year.

adamsmith1922 said...

Internet prices generally in NZ Hotels are rubbish.

Though last night my connection via Zenbu was free up to 50MB.

In addition they only charge $20 for a non time limited 200mb top-up

Where I am today is yet another 24 Hour $33 rip off with a data cap.

Outrageous in this day and age.

That coupled with the fact that many hotels and motels charge outrageous prices for very little.

Anonymous said...

Hotels and motels in the USA routinely provide wireless broadband for free -- and it's generally unsecured.

Anonymous said...

We stayed in the Wellington Copthorne a few years ago. A rabbit warren to the broom cupboard with en-suite they put us in. Cannot recall cost but $140 rings a distant bell.

Cactus Kate said...

Telecom and vodabone need to rent those USB sticks so you can travel with your laptop on business. Buy them in day/usage packages like you rent a mobile.

FFm what did you pay $105 for? The room or a woman?