Tuesday 24 February 2009


It is time for the titular head of Ngai Tahu to show the wisdom of his namesake and resign. Mark Solomon has fallen well short fo the conduct that we as a tribe expect from our leader. He has shown he is small minded, argueably vindictive and lacking in the financial nous needed to keep the assets of our people safe. His integrity also faces scrutiny. The Christchurch Press today reveals the paper that was written detailing the reasons and the process for Stones removal.

What the Press does not reveal is that Stone at the meeting asked if a paper had been written that outlined his dismissal. Solomon denied its existence. Stone asked again, and again Solomon denied any paper existed. Then to the shock and dismay of the runanga members Stone produced the paper that damned him. The meeting ended in disarray and while Solomon set about trying to convince Stone to resign - he wouldn't, so Solomon was forced to oust him that afternoon and dress it up as a " change of direction".

Some runanga are fearful that the way the ousting was carried out will also open up the tribe to a lengthy court battle. We think their fears are well grounded.

Last night the calls kept coming. Stone is hugely regarded in Wellington business and government circles. Such is his mana that his tenure on some boards is seen as pivotal to their success.

Solomon has presided over the most controversial time in Ngai Tahu's history since it received its settlement in the late 1990s. He was anointed by Sir Tipene O'Regan. It was felt that his good looks and his whakapapa and quiet manner would make him the ideal face for the iwi. His ego has grown over the years but the intellect remains static. He does not display the skills of chairmanship that are needed to give fire and strength and trust to the team around him.
When his own runanga is angry and dismayed at his decision then it is time for him to be removed. We hope that this latest debacle unites the iwi to putting pressure on Solomon to oust him and replace him with a real leader who will build a strong committed and united team that will take Ngai Tahu through the tough economic times ahead and on into a better future.


Anonymous said...

It's a bit like watching the Tainui balls up repeat itself.

I'd thought that Ngai Tahu were one of the more switched on tribal groups and that they had managed to get away from this sort of mismanagment.

It seems that ego is taking over from commercial acumen

Lucy said...

Never mind if he stuffs up and looses through mismanagement what Ngai Tahu had gained through prudent management, you can always go back for another 'full and final settlement'

Anonymous said...

The article in "The Press" sums up accurately what Stone has been up to for months -"dicking" Tront around. Tront is the shareholder who represent the beneficiaries. He is an arrogant little prick. His only claim to fame managing Whale Watch - a monopoly. If you want some scandal in NT - have a look at what the "tight 7" are up - includes that dreadful woman from Bluff- she who escaped possible jail for ripping off the health board

Anonymous said...

these Maori tribes have been unified internally as they have struggling for respect which they have been given in the form of money and land. Now that the struggle against their oppressor is over they now have money and land. People of Maori decent are, in the end, just like every one else and that large lump of money will be to great a temptation to some.

These large pay-outs may turn out to be a greater curse.

Anonymous said...
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euminedes said...

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