Sunday 1 February 2009


We love Outrageous Fortune. Its tickles New Zealands suburban underbelly and we all get to laugh out loud. The shows leading lady Cheryl West is our heroine - she sticks up for her family no matter what and she is trying to make a better life for her colourful brood. But it appears our Mocchachino momma , Paula Bennett is well on the way to displacing Cheryl as our Westie heroine.

Now Minister Paula Bennett has been in the news a bit.
So despite not letting the Boss know everything ( not so good), she has done nothing wrong in giving the partner of her daughter the support and love he needs to get his life on track. However we bet a bucket of dunkin donuts that if the bugger is dumb enough to stuff up again he wont be given a second chance.

Its her real life experiences that a raft of New Zealanders can relate to her that make her good for the job she is in.

She has lived, - she is not one of lifes passengers in the big bus that goes nowhere.

We have a couple of relatives who have been dorks and ended up doing some time and they have gone on to be good citizens. One is now a multi millionaire - through hard work and determination and having a good wife at his side. Family has always been the reason they got back on track.

So we support Paula, for being a mom, a very good mom, for being compassionate and willing to give a hard arse a second go at life.

We like it that we have a real Cheryl West in Parliament, the Westies and their suburban cousins up and down New Zealand have been seriously underrepresented in parliament in the past.

So its time to let the lady get on and get our welfare system working the way it should.

Go you good thing.


Anonymous said...

I agree I am sick of NZ's 'smarming assassins' shooting down anyone they thing they have a god-given right to criticise. Good on her, I say. At least she's trying to be part of the solution, and not laying down and being part of teh problem...

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully argued. I'm so glad that Roarprown is sticking up for this good lady.
Good on you and good luck to her.
I just pray that John Key doesn't do the elitist thing and throw her overboard because of the snooty print, radio and tv media's finger-wagging.
Watch the blog comments, Prime Minister, read what the voters have to say, absent the usual and often biased media filters.

Lucy said...

It was silly to not have told John Key and the get go. The lady was a bit silly and that is it.

I agree with Anon, she was trying to be part of the solution and the whole issue is such a non starter but hey, this is the msm I have learnt not to expect anything better from them.

Anonymous said...

Cheers BB, you just know that feisty gal is going to be just what the corridors of power needs.

Notice how little attention the mainstream media have given the story? Shows what the gallery think about the HoS clobbering machine ...

Anonymous said...

This is not a good look for John Key though, talk about a rocky political start to the year on quite a few fronts, I agree, Paula should have come clean first with Key - has she learned nothing from similar antics by Labour? It seems not.

Anonymous said...

It's extremely disturbing to learn that the home of a Minister of the Crown has been used as a safe-house for members and affiliates of a criminal gang.

After a decade of Labour insouciance, was it too much to hope for members of the National-led government to support society and victims instead of the perpetrators?

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous of 15.31. For god's sake 'safe house for a criminal gang'? get a life. Have you read the letters? She's trying to HELP. She's trying to make the boy RESPONSIBLE. She's a mother and grandmother and she's doing a helluva lot more than most to try and improve society. Don't you dare knock her down. She's an inspiration to thousands and we need her.

euminedes said...

At the time she was an MP so it was not a " Ministerial House. She obviously felt that he deserved a second chance. She did all she could to give him that chance. I would suspect ( and I have only met her once briefly) that she wont tolerate any more relapses. I also know gang members - quite a few over the years in fact and know how difficult it is for them to break the chains but with support it can be done. Its not easy but everyone deserves support when they want to turn their lives around. Many of my mates who have been gang members have gone on to be wonderful members of society. So yet again I say that knowing both sides of the social equation makes her well placed to make decisions that will be underpinned with commonsense laced with compassion but served on a no- nonsense plate. So I remain supportive of having a Minister of Social Welfare who has walked the hard streets of suburbia.

Anonymous said...

Julia M said...
Have you read the letters? She's trying to HELP.

Have you read the letters? In them, a Minister of the Crown seeks to depreciate the seriousness of a violent crime committed by a serial criminal.

"Grievous Bodily Harm" is an "incident" in the vernacular of Paula Bennett, when committed by the father of her illegitimate grandchild.

Tell me - does the victim of the brutal bashing deserve justice for this "incident" ? Does society deserve to be protected from further "incidents" ?

She's a mother and grandmother and she's doing a helluva lot more than most to try and improve society.

Guzzling welfare to raise a daughter who is now an unmarried teenage-mum in a de-facto relationship with a violent career criminal, no doubt also guzzling DPB payments and perpetuating the cycle of crime and welfare dependency down through another generation.

Forgive me if I refrain from joining you in applause.