Sunday 8 February 2009


WE hope that the Key administration doesnt head down the same path as the silly socialist Gordon Brown. . According to the UK Guardian It appears the UK central stimulus plank is about to go tits up. This sort of knee jerk stuff does not show a good understanding of business or what it really takes to create jobs.


Lucy said...

The UK is realy going to hell in a handbag isnt it?

Just another example of how socialism works so well.

Anonymous said...

On the surface, offering Govt cash as an incentive for private recruiters to fit people and jobs together looks OK. But the reality is it's just Govt stepping in to skew the employment market.
It's a bit like spraying perfume into a sweaty armpit, you just cover the stink and when it fails, you get to blame the perfume.


Lucy said...

Fitting people to Jobs is what private recruiters do.The only difference is it is usually the client (Employer) who pays and not the taxpayer.