Saturday 14 February 2009


Well it seems that Cactus Kate needs to research the net before she uses cute terms. Burnt Sperm apparently refers to something rather ugly.

While she has shocked her mother we apparently have pissed off some of the visitors to Roarprawn with our gossip posts. Tough. Its our blog - its called suspense and we enjoy watching people work it out or the journos who write for a living go off and do a decent story.

So Gomango - you are right its Hone and its a story the journos should chase - if he can bring together some pan party Maori initiatives then he should be applauded and he deserves more coverage for it than in our lowly little blog. we work in another industries these days so dont have the resources to devote full time to nailing the Scampi scandal. Maybe Rodney will pick it up where he left it off last year. We know that there is still plenty of material around that will keep the stench rising from the scampi scandal and we have devoted a few hours to nutting out a novel that has been triggered by the story.
So wemake no apologies for writing gossip posts from time to time. They are written to make you think and keep you in suspense and if your emotions are being ignited by them then they are successful. Remember its our blog and it you dont like it dont read it. But its amazing how many people email with the answers.
And we are not insiders. Not even close. Just mates of a lot of people who are.

So sorry boyo but the gossipy bits will surface on Roarprawn from time to time as is our want.


gomango said...

You don't have to defend your blog. I generally like reading it and being orthodox economically if the time I put into reading it is worth less than the information/entertainment I get from reading it then I'll stop. So far you win. I just think gossip is lazy.

Why don't I send you five questions about scandalous behaviour, outright fraud, kickbacks (more technically soft commissions that go to the manager and not the investor) in the finance sector by leading NZ brands? Not finance companies.

Answering those would be fun.

Cactus Kate said...


So it's alright for you to send 5 questions to be posted but Busted Blonde can't post her own as you think gossip is lazy?

Sounds like you are a sanctimonious twit.

gomango said...

Exactly. You get my point.