Thursday 26 February 2009


We keep a close eye on who is watching us and today we were fascinated to find  that we are being tracked by Media Monitors. Whale Oil has blogged on the fact he is being monitored by Chongs. We are now being recognised as  a legitimate part of the media landscape. Coooool...


Paul McBeth said...

More so than Trans Tasman, which got taken off their reading list last time I checked.

Speaking of MM and Chongz - there should be a takeover soon now the ComCom's paved the way for a good ol' monopoly.

I was surprised when the ACCC let them take takeover Rehame, and I'm just as surprised that Rebstock rolled over so quickly.

Ah well, dat's bidniss.

(Should probably disclose that I worked for MM/MediaSearch for a while until June last year.)


euminedes said...
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euminedes said...

ah grass hopper you have a story in your sights - ring me

Anonymous said...

FYI - There's a difference between people from certain IP addresses reading a blog, and it actually being monitored :)