Friday 13 February 2009


What government dept had a competition to see who could say the word sperm into verbal briefings the most times? The winner managed to squeeze the word in 26 times in one day .

Which Minister has managed to seriously piss his colleagues off already with his grandstanding? and its not Brownlie

Will we see Maori get smart and create some pan party initiatives that will benefit all parties? We think so and they will be led by the least likely suspect.

What Govt Department hasn't produced any savings or efficiency plan to the government because they thought they were exempt?

And which Ministerial official is a party hero after he has identified savings of tens of millions one govt department can make. ?


Anonymous said...

Oh. I hate these gossip posts where the only way you find out the answer is if you already know it. This time are we at least going to get the answers in a post later in the day - or is this an exercise in you saying "I know a secret"?

gomango said...

PaulL - I've seen this type of story before....... is roarprawn actually Bridget Saunders? Or Rachel Glucina?




Oh and greetings from the throbbing metroplis (Auckland)

Anonymous said...

Yeah BB why ask this stuff when you don't want to/choose to/ share (or know) the answer?

Whats the point?

You have a very loyal (and intersted) following... why the wind up?

Anonymous said...

come on BB, spill the beans. i'll donate all next weeks beer money to your vino fund

euminedes said...

sorry guys - all the snippets are true and I write them to give the journos some decent stories to follow up. Going by past experience they will end up in the mains stream media soon. In fact three journos have contacted BB already today......

gomango said...

ffm - don't you have any vestige of irony detection? maybe your moniker should be ffs instead of ffm?

It's actually pretty lazy to post like this, the bridget saunders garbage on a sunday is a case in point "which well known business man likes to snort cocaine off a dwarfs scrotum while being humped by a transvestite singing songs from My Fair Lady?"

It gets the audience twittering, nothing ever comes from it. If any of these five points were a real story the story would get posted, a la the NZX debacle, especially given the recent mini-debate about blogs versus msm and breaking stories. We are expected to believe a blogger is happy to hand these over to the msm? Why? Please explain using logic?

instead readers are expected to coo "oooooh, you are so well connected and deeply embedded inside the locus of power and knowledge."

We all hear gossip in our professional life - innuendos 1,2, 4 and 5 are pretty much just that and none require the miraculous intervention of super MSM man to cast light on a dirty secret. Just blog the answers. No one will sue, none of these 5 points are defamatory stories. And #3 falls into the bucket labelled "bleeding obvious". Of course the MP are going to come up with policies that validate their role in the coalition, and of course Hone Harawira is most incentivised to front foot solutions that help his constituency.

The fact that there are five non-defamatory pieces of gossip listed, designed to engage your blog readers (i guess its working) without answers indicates to me one of two truths, either:

a) these are made up or fourth hand pieces of gossip

b) answer a) plus roarprawn doesn't know the answers.

Boring. I'm off to play some 10s, that'll be more fun.

(BTW - if you really do have inside information about the scampi debacle how about getting that into the public discourse. There is real heavyweight scandal lying in there somewhere and if you really do know where the bodies are buried you have a duty to help send some people to jail.)