Tuesday 24 February 2009


A mate of mine has been stricken by the Big C. She has breast cancer and is undergoing radiotherapy. Now that is a serious bummer . The good news is that is a form that responds well to treatement. Anyway the best thing is that she has a new man in her life and has wonderful kids. She is a super mum. she holds down a fairly weighty job in a high powered male centric industry. Anyway her partner and her wisely decided to put their money in the bank and rent for a while. So they have rented a fairly nice home in a very good street in Karori. They moved in a couple of weeks ago. Now she had a particularly awful dose of radiotherapy the other day and it was all she could do to get home without chucking up. She gets to her new home - and tries to open the electric gate. It wont work. So she has to walk round the block to get in the back way. She gets into her house to find the power is off.

She rings Genesis - they visited they said and it looked like no-one was living there - She wondered if they tripped over the guinea pig and the bikes on the way in or if they noticed her very nice furniture in her spacious lounge. Well the call centre person said she wasn't sure. Anyway, my mate says she is has had no correspondence from the power company apart from a bill that was not overdue. She asks them if they can put the power back on - Sure they say but someone will have to be there to let the power people in. Well thats a bit hard says my mate - the electric gate wont open......

so weirdly they sent a bill
but there was no written notice of disconnection
and their only excuse was disconnections didnt talk to connections.

Anyway she is wondering just what procedures Genesis goes through before they cut off the power. As she says she isnt dying ( we wont let her,) but it was all a bit much.
She wonders if she was on life support just how things would have panned out?


Anonymous said...

Sounds very incompetent.

But to be fair, the hospitals expect and plan for incompetence. If you need power to survive, they keep you in hospital on life support. If you're at home, you can survive without power.

adamsmith1922 said...

genesis continue to amaze by their incompetence and lack of customer service

Cactus Kate said...

I thought you were going to say "friend just jumped the gate". She's that kind of chick!!!