Monday 2 February 2009


We liked it that the new police Minister rang one of her frontline troops to check how he was after the police took a battering from boy racers in Christchurch.

We like the Cease and Desist idea which would give the police more power to deal to these hooligans.

We like the idea of cars being confiscated and crushed immediately

We also like the idea of cellphones being confiscated as well.

Go Judith. Get it sorted. Give em Hell.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I see, from Leftie facists to right facists. How intelligent!
Be careful what you wish for because the internet is in their sights as well.
If the police enforced the law that is there now and we still had the problem then there might be a case for further discussion.
The issue really is the ability of the police to enforce anything other than speed camera fines.