Tuesday 3 February 2009


Part of the US stimulus package is the seemingly laudable goal of funding broadband across the USA.

This article from the NY Times sounds a warning that needs to be heeded by our policy makers.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for more detail but the Nats are on the right path on this one. The telcos have sucked billions out of NZ without reinvesting in new infrastructure. They are now "sweating" the copper but a real open access fibre network sets us up to compete and innovate, Labour had a bob each way but I watched TG blow it for telecom under questioning from JK at a select commitee where she didn't have basic numbers at her fingertips and his body language said it all! . South Korea and China are way ahead of us (& the US) and they are our future markets. I heard a comment that in any financial crisis the lenders set the rules, so the US is in for a big shock, us Kiwi's we're used to it and we have been since Vogel first got us into debt!
Real broadband will deliver real productivity by eliminating other costs and reducing the tyranny of distance!

Anonymous said...

The comment I liked in the piece was that the senate is after the cadilac proposal when the economy version would suffice. It sums up many things in the US including car making!