Wednesday, 4 February 2009


We love Boston Legal - it has one of the finest provocative and most irreverant scripts in the US.

And last nights first episode of the season was superb. Sexual dysfunction and and anti tobacco message dominated the show. Now we are stridently anti tobacco and we were curious to see if the facts that Alan Shaw used in his summing up in the trial of the big tobacco company had any validity.

Turns out this health website has referenced all the facts Shore used

He spoke the truth.

David E Kelley the producer is a visionary.

With todays mass audiences often the victims of a blurred linebetween reality and fantasy - this show has done the opposite - present facts as a fiction and that we think that will, in a perverse way, be successful in getting the message about the insidious nature of Tobacco companies across to the chattering masses.

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adamsmith1922 said...

Unfortunately this is the last season and only some 15 episodes.

For some reason the US network did not want to bring it back and compromised on a short season.

One of the best US shows ever in my opinion.

Irreverent yet makes some excellent points