Wednesday 4 February 2009


Today we dined at Beaujolais - one of our regular haunts. We had the duck parfait - stunning it was accompanied by Trinity Hill Merlot. Any way they are advertising being open on Waitangi Day and there is no surcharge. As we wandered up town thru Manners and Cuba St we notice a few more places advertising no surcharge on Waitangi Day. Times are getting tighter and restaurants are getting smarter.

And D4 is also scrapping the surcharge.


Anonymous said...

Those signs are starting to appear in auckland as well!
Went for a walk along Dominion Road last night. Some places were rocking some weren't.

Neil said...

The Southern Cross never seems to do surcharges and I saw a sign that D4 wouldn't be charging it on Waitangi Day.

Oswald Bastable said...

Surcharges are bad business.

You just factor in the cost of working stat holidays over the year when setting your prices.

To dump the charges on top, just on those days, simply has the effect of pissing the public off.

Anonymous said...

there is no surcharge in aussie, where staff are paid time and a half on saturdays and double on sundays for working hospo?