Wednesday 25 February 2009


I am an advocate of good debate and good debate requires the airing of both sides of any argument.

Now there is a blog that is running a counter line to Roarprawn, about just what is wrong with Ngai Tahu.

It is called Ngai Tahu Shareholders and its penned by Richard Parata. Click Here for the link

I don't agree with much of what Richard says but I believe that for Ngai Tahu to make the right decisions that they need to see all facts and opinions.

Our people need to examine all the information they can get and frankly I have never been a fan of the way TRONT, the governing board has kept most of the information at the table. It is not healthy and has bred the mistrust we see in play now.

I remain disgusted at what has transpired and it is because of the extremely high regard that Wally is held in Wellingtons business and political circles. The same cannot be said for Mark.

Great leaders know that when they do not have the trust and respect of the people then their time has passed.

I think that time has come for Mark. Richard Parata has a different view.

Richard does however point to a high level of dysfunctionality at the top level. He is right and the only way that is going to be put right is for the leader to step aside. Solomon cannot look back on the last few years with any measure of pride. There are many many good people who work tirelessly for Ngai Tahu and they simply deserve a better leader.

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