Friday 27 February 2009


We have had a steady stream of emails and phone calls re the conflicts within Ngai Tahu.

This is a email from one eloquent Ngai Tahu Beneficiary

How many more times is there going to be conflict at Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu where all the blame for everything is placed on 'the few' when the one common denominator is the Kaiwhakahaere?

There was conflict with the previous CEO, conflict with Dr Te Maire Tau, dissatisfaction with his performance by a number of the elected representatives over several years. The one constant: Mark Solomon.

He speaks often about being a servant of the people but he is enjoying a lifestyle beyond the imagination of most of the iwi.

He is one of 18 charged with the prudent management of our Post Settlement Assets, yet he has had Wally Stone peremptorily dismissed after Wally stepped up to the plate to revitalise Ngāi Tahu Holding Corp post Dr Pratt's departure. Mr Solomon played a role in that debacle too.

Much has been achieved under Mr Stone's humble yet steadying influence, not only in the financial affairs but also in the way NTHC interact with the owners, the iwi.

Perhaps Mr Stone's biggest sin is how well regarded he is by the people. Possibly Mr Solomon perceives him as a threat. If so, perhaps Kaikoura should consider which of their 'sons' is better equipped to represent them at the table of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu.

I know who would get my vote.

Te Ao Hikuraki

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